Turbiscan ON LINE


Real time process optimization and control
for R&D Laboratories and Pilot Plants

Monitors and quantifies the effects of process parameters of your dispersed system to improve process efficiency and product quality.


Dispersion state monitoring

Optimization and control of processes

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The Turbiscan On Line, launched in 1999, is mainly used for the optimization and control of processes.
All processes involving liquid dispersions (suspensions, emulsions and foams) can be monitored
through the light transmission and backscattering, and quantified through the concentration (f) or
diameter (d) calculation.

Operates on emulsions, suspensions and foams
- Up to 60 % v/v concentrated
- From 0.1 Ám to 1 mm particle size


Dispersion state monitoring



The optical sensor acquires transmission and backscattering data

up to every 0,1 second (every 0,1 to every 10 seconds)
while the product is circulating inside it. The backscattering

or transmission evolution versus time can then be easily converted

into kinetics curve of l, l* (photon mean free path in Ám),

concentration (F) or diameter (d) versus time.



Optimization and control of processes


  DISSOLUTION                                             EMULSIFICATION



The Turbiscan On Line offers the possibility to monitor in real time the physical properties of dispersions
(mean diameter, volume fraction), during processing, by online measurement. This dynamic method of
working instantaneously monitors the effects of the process parameters, (stirring system, grinding,
pressure, temperature, method of addition, surfactant effects, pH), on the state of the dispersions by
measuring in real time the mean diameter or the volume fraction of the dispersed phase.