PartAn Process Analyzers test production samples for particle size and shape by video image analysis automatically every 2 to 5 minutes.  Results, trend lines, and alarms are displayed in the control room and output to process controllers and plant networks.  

PartAn Analyzers are housed in industrial NEMA enclosures and require no routine maintenance.  All cabinets are air purged and optical components are self cleaning. Systems are delivered complete with custom engineered samplers or can be integrated with existing samplers.   Our standard samplers include sweep samplers for conveyor belts, cross-cut samplers for pipes and chutes, and butterfly samplers for low flow applications.  Sample dryers and elevators are also available.

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PartAn Process Analyzers measure sample particles continuously when the process is running.  This keeps fresh sample in the instrument and allows new data points to be generated quickly.  And because the measurement is non-destructive, all tested sample can be returned to the process.  No waste is generated by the instrument.

sample measurement area


The PartAn Pipe Sampler takes samples from pipes and chutes.  The sample cup moves through the entire sample flow at a fixed rate to capture a representative sample.

The PartAn Conveyor Belt Sampler takes samples at conveyor belt transfer points (end of belt or belt loading area).  The sampler moves across the sample flow at a fixed rate to capture a cross section of the process material.

Engineered For Your Process

Self Cleaning

Measures Size And Shape In One Run


Outputs Sieve Results, Trends And Alarms

2 to 5 minutes Analysis


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