The PartAn Laboratory Particle Analyzer tests particle size and shape of free flowing material from 10 microns to 2 inches by video image analysis. Analysis time is 3 to 5 minutes and no sample preparation is required. Sample is simply poured into the PartAn funnel for analysis. After testing, the PartAn cleans itself to be ready for the next analysis. 

PartAn size results can be reported in either millimeter or sieve size.  For sieve results, the system can be correlated with current sieve tests so PartAn results match current data. As for shape analysis, the system can report shape and aspect number results by sieve fraction or by total sample.  Shape results can also be correlated with current shape tests. 

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Sample particles flow into the PartAn from its computer controlled vibrating feeder.  This allows the instrument to adjust flow rates automatically for different types of materials and sample sizes.  After analysis, the vibration energy ramps up to clean the feeder tray for the next sample. 

sample feed tray

The optional sample changer permits unattended analysis of up to 12 samples. Simply load the sampler, name the samples, and hit start.  Test results are automatically saved and output to printers and networks.

Calibrates To Current Sieve Data

Self Cleaning

Results Unaffected By Operator

No Weighing

Measures Size And Shape In One Run

3 to 5 minutes Analysis

Outputs Sieve Results And Particle Size


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