Particles are fed from the sample funnel into the measurement area by a vibrating feeder. The picture is then analyzed by the PartAn software. Images are displayed on a video monitor or on the computer screen.


Sample particles are dropped between a video camera and synchronized strobe light by a vibrating feeder. When the strobe flashes, the camera takes an image of the particles. This image is then digitized by a computer frame grabber. For different products, the user can select either a camera with height magnification or a camera with wide field of view according to the particle size in the sample.


A digital image is made up of uniform size pixels. By counting the number of pixels in each particle, the size and shape of the particle can be determined. Particles are measured for area, perimeter, and min and max diameter.  From these measurements, shape factor, aspect ratio, and particle volume are calculated.  Thousands of particles can be measured in each digital image and images can be taken at up to 20 frames per second.  Total sample analysis time is generally 3 to 5 minutes.



After measurement of thousands of particles, size and shape data is displayed in particle size bins and sieve size bins. Sieve and shape results can be adjusted based on customer results so PartAn results match current tests. Shape and aspect ratio are  displayed by size fraction. Totals and averages for the entire sample are also displayed i.e. average size, total non-spherical particles, D10, D90, etc.

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Particle Measurements

Size Range

Diameter, Length, Width, Aspect ratio, Shape Factor

10 microns to 6 inches

Calculated Results

Analysis Time

Sieve Fractions, Average Size, % Non-Spherical, D10, D50, D90

2 to 5 minutes

  video image analysis, image analysis, imaging video image analysis, image analysis, imaging