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 Instruments for concentrated dispersions analysis


Turbiscan Heavy Fuel - New!  Turbiscan A G S
Turbiscan MA 2000 Turbiscan On-Line
Turbiscan Lab  

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  New! The Turbiscan Heavy Fuel has been adapted from the Turbiscan Classic to answer the need for analysis of asphaltenes stability in heavy fuel oil (HFO), following the ASTM D7061 and developed in collaboration with Octel.

This method is specifically dedicated to measurement of the stability reserve of HFO, regarding asphaltenes precipitation and the stabilization of the unstable fuel using the appropriate additive in its optimal amount for refinery, power and marine. It is fast (15 minutes), simple and accurate



The Turbiscan MA 2000 , developed in 1995, is designed to study dispersion and emulsion stability for research and quality control purposes.  The system measures instability and determines the phenomena driving it.

Turbiscan MA 2000

Turbiscan Lab

Characterization and ageing
for R&D, Analysis and Quality Control

From an advanced understanding of dispersions (in) stability to
the dispersion state measurement & mean particle size calculation.


Turbiscan A G S

is the fully automated ageing station dedicated to characterization and stability studies for R&D, Analysis and Quality Control Laboratories

From the sampling to the complete
analysis report




Turbiscan ON LINE  

Designed for laboratory, pilot plant and production applications, the TurbiScan On-line monitors processes for real time characterization of concentrated dispersions.

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