Turbiscan A G S

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The Turbiscan A G S is the new generation of instruments in the Turbiscan range.  It consists of the Turbiscan LAb and a robot with three thermo regulated blocks for the storage of the samples.  This instrument is dedicated to formulation screening regarding their long-term stability behavior (shelf life) for control or R&D purposes.  It is also a well suited instrument for a systematic quality control of concentrated dispersions at the end of the manufacturing process.



Turbiscan A G S is the time saving answer to your stability analyses. 

- Works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
  programming up to 3 months

- Quick validation of your new formulations
  (high throughput screening).

- Quick release of your production batches.

- Several users working simultaneously.

Turbiscan A G S is the safe answer to your stability analyses.

- Traceability of the results.,
  programming up to 3 months

- Reproducibility of the analysis
  (automated measurements).

- Safe measurements (bar code reader,
  (fast and smooth movements of the robot…)

- Objectivity of the analyses.


Turbiscan A G S is the fully automated answer to your stability analyses.

- Automatic handling and measurements (flexible program by group, 3 thermoregulated storage units).

- Automatic processing of the data, customised to your product.

- Automatic sorting of your samples, with criteria you are interested in (phase thickness, l*).

- Automatic reporting, with just the information you need.